Taser Gun

Une arme d'auto-défense

weapon (ranged)

Ne fait aucun dégâts, mais paralyse l’adversaire pendant quelques secondes en l’électrocutant.

Manufacturer: Ultratech
Legality: G
Type: Advanced Taser
Cost: 395 Tn
Caliber: 9 mm
Weight: .75 lbs
Range (yards): 5/10/15
Damage: +0 (Stun)
Shots: 1
Rounds: 5 (Darts)

Like the many tasers before it, the Model 18 taser works by hitting the target with a brutal jolt of electricity in order to overload his system and incapacitate him for a short period of time. Nicknamed the Viper by many of the law enforcement officers that use it, the Model 18 fires a pair of barbed darts that trail a monofilament wire used to transmit the electrical shock. As a result, the weapon has a very short range – it is generally employed at less than ten feet. Unlike its predecessor, the Model-18 utilizes a small cartridge that contains five darts, meaning the user does not have to reload the weapon after each shot. Treat the Model 18 as if it had a Damage of +0 when determining if its attack penetrates armor, though it does no real damage. An attack must do at least one point of Vitality damage to cause harm. Anyone affected by the taser must succeed at a Hard Tenacity Feat Test to resist this. If this Test is failed, the victim loses 2 Actions per turn for one to ten minutes (roll one die), which can effectively reduce a character’s Actions to zero. Only one Test needs to be made per turn when struck by the taser and the effect of the stun is not cumulative. A target may again be affected on the turn following his recovery from the last shock.

Taser Gun

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