Manufacturer: Underground Labs
Slang: Gray Burn, Mindscape
Form: Ingested (Liquid, Pill, or Powder)
Cost: 250Tn
Addiction Rating: Intellect 12
Availability: Uncommon, Black Market
Onset: 1 minute
Duration: 1 hour
Safety Window: 4 hours
Side Effect Rating: Intellect 16

Description: Brainstorm was originally developed to help recently manifested para-psychics learn to control their powers, but its formula was copied and sold to the black market. Underground versions of the drug are unsafe, but provide para-psychics with a temporary boost to their powers. Brainstorm is particularly favored by underground para-psychics who are hiding from the government. The drug provides some protection from the dangers of burns, which is especially useful if the individual is forced to frequently use his powers to escape or elude pursuit. Taking a dose of brainstorm has several different effects, depending on the situation:

  • If the para-psychic is not burning, a dose will allow him to clear his mind to focus more intently on his abilities. He gains a +2 Test Bonus for both invoking his ability and also for using it. However, any failure on a latter Test is automatically a critical failure which causes him to blow through twice the normal Orgone required.
  • If the para-psychic is not burning, and he refrains from using his powers while under the influence of the drugs for its entire duration, he regains 1-5 points (half a die) of Orgone when the effects wear off.
  • If the para-psychic is burning when he takes brainstorm, the drug provides neither of the above benefits. Instead, he may make a Burn Test at the same Difficulty Degree that caused him to burn in the first place. If he succeeds, the burn ends immediately, and he is fatigued for the rest of the drug’s duration. If he fails, the burn continues, but is reduced by one hour (or one day in the case of Burn Tests of the Very Hard Degree). During the saved hour (or day), the character is considered fatigued.
  • If a para-psychic is caught in a permanent burn, brainstorm does nothing. It has no effect whatsoever.

If a Character becomes addicted to brainstorm, as part of the withdrawal process, he must succeed at a Challenging Burn Test each time he must make an Intellect Feat Test, or enter a burn. A burning para-psychic who is also in withdrawal is a danger to both himself and others. The usual side effect of brainstorm is dizziness, but some have reported diminished Orgone levels, diminishment of para-psychic powers, or, in extreme cases, the sudden onset of a burn.


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